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If you’re like many Americans right now, you may be struggling to keep up with the current chaos in the real estate housing market. Perhaps you have a house that you no longer wish to own. You may have gone through a divorce, financial setback, or job change.

Many people opt to sell their homes for cash at some point. If this is you right now, there are several things that you’ll want to keep in mind. This way, you can get the best possible offer for your house.

From the reasons why you’d sell a house for cash to how the process works, we’ve rounded up everything you need to know about cash offers in today’s market. Let’s jump in and see if a cash offer is right for you.

How Does a Cash Offer Work?

A cash offer is when a buyer or home investment company offers to buy your home in cash. This means they aren’t getting a mortgage to finance the purchase of your home. In the case of an individual buyer, they make you an offer, you counter or accept it, and the money is wired to your account at the closing.

Our process works similarly. Your house is evaluated and then you’re given an estimate. We agree on the final cash offer and a closing date that works best for you. During the closing, your cash is wired right to your bank account.

How Does a Cash Offer Differ from an Offer with a Mortgage?

With a traditional sale, you’ll typically receive an offer from a buyer who’s using a mortgage to pay for your home. In this scenario, the buyer makes an offer and then must be approved for the financing through their mortgage lender.

The lender will often need an appraisal to make sure the home is worth as much as the loan. There will also usually be an inspection and possible further negotiations after these two are completed. Once the negotiations are finalized, a closing may take place anywhere from 30 to 45 days later.

This could mean you’re negotiating and waiting for the buyer to get financing for three months before you close. You’ll also want to keep in mind that at any point during the process, the buyer may take back their offer.

In some cases, the financing falls through, the home doesn’t appraise for enough, or something comes up in the inspection that scares away the buyer. If the deal falls through, you’ll be forced to put the home back on the market and start the process all over again. This also doesn’t factor in the time it takes to show your home, market it, and find a buyer who makes an offer.

Reasons to Sell Your Home for Cash

If you’ve recently experienced a big life change or a hardship, you may need to sell your home quickly. Selling for cash is often a faster way to sell than to a buyer using financing. There are several reasons why selling your home for cash may be the best option.

In today’s real estate market, the demand for homes is higher than ever. You may simply want to sell and get out before the market shifts. For other homeowners, common reasons may include a recent death, marriage separation, or a new job.

You may have also recently inherited a home and you want to unload it quickly without all the hassle of a traditional sale. For some homeowners, you may need to get out quickly to start a new job, pay off debt, or sell due to a divorce.

Whatever the reasons, selling for cash is often faster and more convenient for many homeowners. When you need to sell your house quickly, a cash offer is worth exploring instead of spending months on the traditional real estate market.

Selling Your House Fast in This Real Estate Housing Market

In the current market, the demand for homes is higher than ever. There’s a shortage of homes for sale in cities across the country. You’re also likely seeing rising interest rates, inflation, record-breaking home prices, and bidding wars.

This market is tough to navigate and it’s constantly in a state of change. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and confused by what’s happening in the housing market and the economy. This is why it’s so important to work with someone you trust when you’re looking to sell your home.

With a cash offer for your house, you can sell and get your money quickly. There’s no need to wait for a buyer, list your home, pay expensive real estate fees, and spend months waiting for your money.

After you accept a cash offer from us, you can decide the closing date that works for you. You can have your money in weeks instead of months. There are no financing hoops to jump through and no waiting for the market to go up and down like a roller coaster.

Buyers Are Pickier Than Ever

Today’s buyers may be faced with a shortage of homes, but they are still hard to please. If your home needs repairs and updates, you could be waiting longer for a buyer. Many buyers today want a move-in-ready home.

You could spend thousands of dollars trying to get your home fixed and updated to get a higher sales price. While this may help your home sell faster, it will take months to get your house ready to sell. There’s also the expense of fixing and updating your house.

There are currently major delays in construction and supply chains. Materials and experienced contractors are hard to come by. You could wait weeks or even months for someone to help you update your home or for the part or supplies you need.

Buyers want a house that they can move right into. Impressing them could cost you more time and money in the long run. An as-is cash offer lets you sell your home as it is without all the work of updating it.

Financing and Qualifying for a Mortgage Is Harder

With interest rates rising, the government is trying to combat inflation and prevent a housing bubble and recession. This is done to curb spending and to help prevent people from getting in over their heads on their mortgages.

Home buyers may have a much harder time qualifying for a mortgage and buying your home. Buyers are facing stiffer rules, qualifications, and requirements to get a mortgage. This could limit your buyer pool and also hold up your closing.

With a cash offer, there’s no need to wait for a lender to approve your buyers. You don’t have to worry that the buyer won’t qualify for the home anymore or that something will fall through. You can sell your home to a cash buyer and have confidence that you’ll close quickly.

Selling to a Cash Buyer Means No Appraisal

Because it’s harder for people to qualify for a mortgage, the appraisal process is more important than ever. In a traditional home sale when a buyer uses a mortgage, the lender will require an appraisal. An appraisal estimates the value of your home.

If you’re home appraising for $100,000, for example, but the buyer offered $150,000, they will need to pay the $50,000 difference out of pocket. If the buyer can’t do this, you’ll need to lower your price or risk losing the deal.

With interest rates higher and the market in a state of flux, the appraisals will play a bigger role in getting your home sold. There’s no need for a bank appraisal when you accept a cash offer from us.

We evaluate your home, make you an offer, and the deal is set.

Sell Your Home for Cash Today

With everything going on in the real estate housing market, it’s easy to be confused and overwhelmed. Between interest rates, inflation, and the demand for homes, selling your home now could make your life simpler.

From how the process works to the many benefits, we’ve rounded up all the reasons why a cash offer may be the best move for you. If you need to sell your home quickly, we’re standing by ready to help.

To learn more about the process and to set up a free home evaluation, fill out the contact form here. You’ll be contacted by a real estate professional who can help get your home sold fast with much-needed cash in your pocket.